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About me…

Eleonora Lastrucci

My name is Eleonora and fashion is an important part of my life.

I love drawing. I have been doing it since I was 5. Fabrics are my toys, colours are my daily light.

I was born in Prato to a family of textile manufacturers. My father Noris initiated me and made me grow up professionally in his company. I learnt to put my ideas on paper there. Especially to reproduce women's dreams.
I attended and graduated at the Art School of Florence.

Then I specialized in fashion design but it is in my job, in my office or at my desk at home that my artistic vein pours out.

I always design. Wedding dresses, evening dresses, stage costumes. I manage to turn into clothing what I imagine, what touches me more. I do not believe in planning, in elaborating clothes. On the contrary, I look for and listen to inspiration. And when it comes, you have to catch it. At any moment.

I worked together with Masters like Enrico Coveri. From him I learnt the art of colour. To blend brightness. To light up clothes, giving them the opalescent aspect that a popular photographer defined “caravaggesco”. From Roberto Cavalli, that in another time period came to print his jeans in our family-run company, I learnt lightness. This way I listened to my natural aptitude. It had already revealed itself in many teenage creations, but it did not completely manifest with interior power that I felt inside, maybe.

My Utopian dream, that is also my greatest ambition, is to create woman dresses which are universally beautiful. I would like to prove concretely that beauty is absolute. That beauty cannot lie in the narrow and conventional area of subjectivity.

I am not able to think about clothes that are not very beautiful. I am not able to think about dresses that do not enrich women, colour and above all fascinate them. I am not able to imagine that clothes just cover bodies. My creations would wrap every woman in her beauty.

Every woman is beautiful by herself indeed!